Thursday, 23 February 2017

Weekly Update

What a lovely sunny week we have had this week in B2. It has been wonderful to make the most of our new bike track and swimming pool.

On Wednesday lunchtime we are going to be able to squirt water bottles and water guns at Mr Cronin and each other! Please bring in your bottles and guns in the morning and you can take them home again at the end of school. They are only to be used at lunchtime! (This is optional)

Our library day has been changed from Monday afternoon to Tuesday afternoon. Remember to bring your books back so that you can choose another awesome book to share at home.

Maths – for our maths work next week we will be continuing to look at number knowledge and formation along with 2D shape work and creating data for some statistical information charts.

Reading – We will keep up to date with all our reading activities and bringing our reading books home every night.

Writing - This week’s activities will include being a sound detective and sound stencilling. We are looking at the short vowel sounds – e and i.

Inquiry - Our writing and inquiry will be about ourselves and our community. At the moment we are still going to be looking at 'Who am I?' as well as celebrating B2 as a whanau. We will be using the terms ‘belong’ and ‘belonging’ an awful lot!

Home books this week contain reading words at the level of which your child is reading. Just have a little look at these with your child and see if they can find them in their reading books.

Many thanks for your continued support

Libby and the children of B2

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