Thursday, 23 March 2017

Weekly Update

What a wonderfully busy week we have had in B2. Lots of learning has taken place and we have had lots of fun!

Maths – for our maths work next week we will be looking at doubling numbers - up to 10 and then moving onto 20. We will do this by singing and practical activities. The more we experience and actually ‘do’ something the more we learn. We will also be making a bar chart of data collected showing our hair colour in the class.

Reading – We will keep up to date with all our reading activities and bringing our reading books home every night. Some of the reading activities this week will involve reading a sentence and drawing a picture to match. We also enjoy collaborating on all the different reading tumble activities.

Word work - We move onto looking at the sounds ‘th’ and ‘sh’. We try to listen to where in the word we hear the sound – at the beginning, middle or end.

Inquiry - Our inquiry continues to be about ourselves and our community. This week we will be thinking about our family and doing some artwork to go with it.

Writing -  we will be writing about how our mums help us. This links with our focus on manners in our Vertical Learning Community. We should always say thank you to our parents.

Te Reo Maori – We will be putting together two sentences to say “Good morning, my name is ….”This is helping us to learn our manners. One song in particular, ‘Me Haere’, teaches us words for different types of transport.

School Values – ORCA – The symbol of the orca is very important to Whangaparaoa School and is carried with us everywhere, every day on our uniform.

Each letter of the ORCA stands for a different value:
O – Ownership
R – Respect
C – Collaborate
A – Achieve
We continue looking at these values and how we can take them on board in our classroom. Next week we will continue to think about using our manners at all times. It is important that the children learn respect and appreciate it when someone helps them or apologises to them. B2 have really good manners and always say thank you to me. Thank you, B2!

Home books this week contain another little maths challenge – if you would like to have a go at this with your child. Please don’t feel you have to do this, it is not homework, just something fun which you may like to do. Next term I will be incorporating some spelling words into your home books if you wish to learn these with your child.

Swimming togs – for Tuesday and Thursday please. The Wednesday option is now over for the term.

Library day is Tuesday

Sharing news is on Monday and Friday

Many thanks for your continued support

Libby and the children of B2

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