Thursday, 11 May 2017

Weekly Update

I hope you all had a wonderful Mother’s Day and got totally spoilt rotten! I certainly did!

Most of you have chosen a time to come in and celebrate your child’s work on the afternoon/evening of Wednesday 24th May but if you haven’t already please look for the link on the newsletter and make a time. It will be lovely for each child to show you all their achievements over the past few months.

Maths – our maths strand subject for the next few weeks is ‘weight’. We will be comparing the weight of different objects and ordering according to mass. This will work side by side with our number knowledge and strategy.

Reading –We continue to build on our reading skills by reading in groups at school. Please try to keep up the good work at home too, every little helps.
Word work – We will be looking at the ‘ow’ and ‘er’ sounds this week. For example, brown cow, flower power.

Inquiry – As part of our inquiry this week we will be looking at chemical reactions. We will be mixing two substances together to see what happens. Last week our celery experiment was amazing, yes, we did get to change the colour of a plant!

Writing -  We will be writing about what we can see this week. There will be a choice of pictures for the children to choose from and they can then write as much as they can about it. I like to give the class a set amount of time and let them fill that time with writing, we call it ‘writing for stamina.’

Te Reo Maori – This week B1 will join B2 for our Maori. We will be looking at colours and modes of transport.

School Values – ORCA – The symbol of the orca is very important to Whangaparaoa School and is carried with us everywhere, every day on our uniform.

Each letter of the ORCA stands for a different value:
O – Ownership
R – Respect
C – Collaborate
A – Achieve
We continue looking at these values and how we can take them on board in our classroom.

Home books – Please continue to read and learn your spellings at home. There will be some new words in Week 4.

Remember in Term 2 and 3 we do not need to wear hats outside.

Library day is Tuesday

Sharing news is on Monday and Friday

Many thanks for your continued support.

Libby, Simone and the children of B2

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