Thursday, 27 July 2017

Weekly Update

'Together we inspire learning'

Week Two
We have a lot of interesting things happening this term so we will be quite busy!
You should all have received the letter about cross country which is held in week 5 and we will be beginning our running practices this Monday.
We hope to be going to Whangaparaoa Kindy for a singalong on the Tuesday morning in week 3 so we are practising for then too!
Also, it is our team’s turn to lead the school assembly in week 4 so lots to work on there too!

We have also welcomed Welma to our class this week. Welma is with us from China and will be with us until the end of week 4.

Maths – We will continue our work on fractions and finding out as much as we can about them. There will also be plenty of number work while doing our daily calendar maths.

Reading – Our reading continues to go from strength to strength and I am extremely proud of all the children in B2. We do guided reading daily in the classroom but the individual time that you spend reading at home helps to make all the difference!

Word work – We will be looking at the ‘oi’ and ‘pl’ sounds this week. We didn’t get the time to do justice to ‘pl’ last week so we will spend time looking at it this week.
For example, noisy plane.

Inquiry – We continue our inquiry by looking at our bedrooms and what it is that makes them special to us. We will be designing the perfect bedroom!

Writing -  We will be continuing to work on our independent writing this week. We have different word cards that we use to support our writing. This week we will be writing about our bedrooms as a link to our inquiry.

Te Reo Maori – This week B2 will look at the Te Reo Maori words to do with the objects we find in our homes and linking with our inquiry.

School Values – ORCA – The symbol of the orca is very important to Whangaparaoa School and is carried with us everywhere, every day on our uniform.

Each letter of the ORCA stands for a different value:
O – Ownership
R – Respect
C – Collaborate
A – Achieve
We continue looking at these values and how we can take them on board in our classroom.

Home books – Please continue to read and learn your spellings at home. Please try to remember to bring in your home books every day, thank you. This week I will be putting some more spellings and reading words into your child’s home book for you to look at if you have time.

Remember in Term 2 and 3 we do not need to wear hats outside.

Library day is Tuesday

Sharing news is on Monday and Friday

Many thanks for your continued support.

Libby, Simone and the children of B2

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