Thursday, 10 August 2017

Weekly Update

'Together we inspire learning'

Week Four
It is our team’s turn to lead the school assembly on Friday this week. We will be talking about our individuality and how we are all unique and special. We hope that all the children in our Vertical Learning Team will be wearing odd socks with their uniform during the assembly.
It would be very helpful if the children could start to bring their odd socks in at the beginning of this week so that we have them all ready. If you could put them in a named plastic bag that would be great. Many thanks!
Of course, you are all welcome to attend the assembly at 2.20pm in the hall!

Also thank you to Leo’s Mum and Lara’s Mum for coming to the Kindy with us on Wednesday – we all had a great time and sang beautifully!

Maths – We are moving on to look at how to cut things into quarters and thirds. We are brilliant at halves now so quarters and thirds will be easy!
There will also be plenty of number work while doing our daily calendar maths.

Reading – Reading continues to go from strength to strength in B2. Remember when reading at home that if your child is struggling with a word don’t let them struggle for too long – it may put them off reading!

Word work – We will be looking at the ‘scr’ and ‘ck’ sounds this week.
For example; stuck screw

Inquiry – Our inquiry moves on to follow our class bear ‘Barny Bear’ who likes to go on journeys around the local area. Look out for him, you never know where you might see him!

Writing -  This week we will continue to work on sentence structure and make sure we are using full stops and capital letters correctly.

Te Reo Maori – Due to the amazing Year 2 production we missed out on our Maori lesson this week so this week B2 will look at the Te Reo Maori words to do with building materials that we use to build houses.

School Values – ORCA – The symbol of the orca is very important to Whangaparaoa School and is carried with us everywhere, every day on our uniform.

Each letter of the ORCA stands for a different value:
O – Ownership
R – Respect
C – Collaborate
A – Achieve
We continue looking at these values and how we can take them on board in our classroom.

Home books – Please continue to read and learn your spellings at home. Please try to remember to bring in your home books every day, thank you. Last week we put words in our home books to help with our reading.

Remember in Term 2 and 3 we do not need to wear hats outside.

Library day is Tuesday

Sharing news is on Monday and Friday

Many thanks for your continued support.

Libby, Simone and the children of B2

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