Monday, 21 August 2017

Weekly Update

'Together we inspire learning'

Week Five
Last week we said farewell to our lovely visitor from China, Welma. We had a great time playing with her and helping her to learn how to speak English. It was a great opportunity for the class to be able to make a new friend from a different country.

Don’t forget to have a look around the Plaza for Bobby and Barny Bear!

I am looking forward to catching up with some of you tomorrow at Parent Interviews. These interviews are for if you really had a query about the reports that you would like to reflect upon. 

Maths – We are moving on to look at how to cut things into quarters and thirds. We are brilliant at halves now so quarters and thirds will be easy!
There will also be plenty of number work while doing our daily calendar maths.

Reading – Reading continues to go from strength to strength in B2. Remember if your child brings home a book that they have already read then use this time to celebrate their reading. It is also a good time to practice smooth reading and comprehension.

Word work – We will be looking at the ‘th’ and ‘ch’ sounds this week.
For example; thick chocolate

Inquiry – Our inquiry moves on to follow our class bear ‘Barny Bear’ who likes to go on journeys around the local area. Look out for him, you never know where you might see him! We will be learning how to use maps.

Writing -  This week we will continue to work on sentence structure and make sure we are using full stops and capital letters correctly.

Te Reo Maori – We are designing clothes for our bears to wear in the different seasons. We will be learning how to say each season in Maori.

School Values – ORCA – The symbol of the orca is very important to Whangaparaoa School and is carried with us everywhere, every day on our uniform.

Each letter of the ORCA stands for a different value:
O – Ownership
R – Respect
C – Collaborate
A – Achieve
We continue looking at these values and how we can take them on board in our classroom.

Home books – Please continue to read and learn your spellings at home. Please try to remember to bring in your home books every day, thank you. 

Remember in Term 2 and 3 we do not need to wear hats outside.

Library day is Tuesday

Sharing news is on Monday and Friday

Many thanks for your continued support.

Libby, Simone and the children of B2

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